digital experiences,

engaged customers.

Grow your business faster, position yourself for success. We drive the journey from idea to a first viable product. Need help to set up a product organization? We've got you covered.


VHF Marine Radio simulator

A live communication platform where professional instructors prepare participants for VHF certification exams.
NEW MAY 2021: fully DSC capable!

Engagement application

A digital assistent for musicians. Comes as a subscription for orchestras, bands and choirs. Features a cloud service and mobile apps. Click to check it out.



Mapping a full customer journey can be daunting task. We guide our customers to fully define a product or solution. We can help with the full range of product management tasks as well as setting up a strong development or product management organization.


Need to validate an idea? A product says more than a 1000 flyers. We specialize in delivering proof of concept technology to verify your ideas with potential customers. Real customer feedback on a functional mockup will give you the confidence to bring your idea to market with the right value proposition.


We kickstart your development. We get you up to speed with the technologies driving digital transformation. We help you implement the right methodology and structure to maximize the output of your R&D.


We validate and update your medium and long term plans. Our research, market insights and our knowledge of technology results in actionable data. We help you assess market size, opportunities, challenges and threats. Depending on the maturity of your business and market, different strategies can be distilled and validated.


  • Product Management & Product Marketing
    • Market/
      • Market problems
      • Win/loss analysis
      • Distinctive competences
      • Competitive landscape
      • Asset assessment
    • Focus/
      • Product roadmap
      • Product portfolio
      • Distribution strategy
      • Market definition
    • Business/
      • Business plan
      • Business case (NPV)
      • Lean canvas
      • Pricing
      • Buld, buy or partner
      • Product profitability
      • Stakeholder centered innovation
      • Value innovation canvas
    • Planning/
      • Positioning
      • Customer journey
      • Buyer experience
      • Buyer personas
      • User personas
      • Requirements
      • Use scenarios
      • User centered design roadmap
      • Stakeholder communications
      • Service blueprint
    • Programs/
      • Marketing plan
      • Revenue growth
      • Revenue retention
      • Launch
      • Awareness
      • Nurturing
      • Advocacy
      • Measurement
    • Enablement/
      • Sales alignment
      • Content
      • Sales tools
      • Channel training
    • Support/
      • Programs
      • Operations
      • Events
      • Channels
  • Technology & Development experience
    • Technology/
      • HTML & CSS
      • Javascript
      • Node.js
      • Meteor
      • MongoDB
      • Bootstrap
      • Progressive Web Apps (PWA)
      • Heroku
      • Mediasoup
      • Twilio
      • webRTC
    • Tools/
      • Git
      • VSCode
      • Atlassian Jira
      • Atlassian Confluence
    • OS/
      • Linux
    • Methodology/
      • Agile
      • Scrum
      • SAFe®
    • Practices/
      • CI/CD
      • Writing research proposals for SMEs
  • Customer Success Management
    • Methodology/
      • Ideal customer profile
      • Onboarding
      • Customer success plan
      • Customer success roadmap
      • Business reviews
  • Sales and Sales Engineering
    • Methodology/
      • Consultative/strategic selling
      • Value selling
      • Tendering